Friday, March 21, 2008

Perfectly Paisley

How much do I love this new coloring book, Paisley Designs by Marty Noble? A LOT!
This book was just published this year, and I couldn't wait to order it from Amazon. All the Dover books by Marty Noble are awesome, including incredible detail. I love a busy picture to color, and the pictures in this book are busy. Lots of paisley twists and turns and splotches and curves. Some with birds, and other animals, and all with intricate details that'll keep you busy on one page for hours.

As I've said, I love a boldly colored image, so used dark blues in this one and highlighted with salmon and browns. I used a gold gel pen, as well. Did this one as I was listening to the podcast of Oprah and Eckhart Tolle discussing A New Earth.

I think the designs in this book have a Suess-ian flare to them. Almost wonder if I'll spot a Who lurking amidst the designs. :-) Love the bold fuschia and yellow in this one. Started to highlight it with silver gel pen, but my pen ran out.

So what can you do with your growing collection of coloring books? Well, take them to parties! Seriously. I used to tote a stack of coloring books and markers along to girlfriend parties. You know the kind where a group of women sit around chatting, eating and just laughing the night through? Set some coloring books out on the table and you'll draw interest. Some will pick them up and start coloring as they chat, others might not. Doesn't matter. It's always fun. I like to have others color in my books. But I have one rule. If you color a page, then you have to sign your name and date it when you're finished. It's great to page through the books and spy a picture and see who did it. Fun!


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