Friday, February 13, 2009

Designer Doodles

Designer Doodles by Christine Dymond by Search Press. This is a nice over-sized book with 12 big pictures to color. Lots of small details that will keep you busy on one picture for hours. Days, even. This example was one of the less-busy pictures. The scan is a little crooked and the bottom is cut off, but that's because the picture was too big for my scanner. They also only have one design per page, so if you use markers (like I do) it won't soak through to a design on the back. And there's a 'cut here' dotted line on each page so you can post them on your fridge, if you like. Hey, I do that once in a while. :-) The book is a little more spendy at $9.95, but well worth it to the Coloring Addict.

[Note: I just checked Amazon and this book is sold out, and you can only buy used for a rather more expensive price. Yikes. Wait for this one to come back in stock if you're interested.]

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