Thursday, March 19, 2009

Art Nouveau Patterns

I'll buy any coloring book that has designs or repetitive patterns. I think the finished artwork always looks so cool. And there's more planning involved when you have to determine color matches and what is going to repeat most and which colors to chose as highlights or accents. Never thought coloring could be so challenging, eh? That's why I do it. Sometimes it's a mindless relaxation, a means to just not think (beyond selecting colors), other times it really is a focused project. Either way is cool. Art Nouveau Patterns is another Marty Noble book. All the Dover coloring books by Noble are must-haves. There are 30 designs in this book. As with all the Dover books, if you use marker, even though the paper is pretty thick, they will bleed through. So you have to decide if you can do without the design on the back of the page. But if you use colored pencils, you're good to go.

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smacart said...

Hi Michele,
Try my Geometric Coloring Pages. They're free and you download them so no picture on the flip side! They can be found at Lots of free Adult Coloring pages although the Art Nouveau drawings I've done are not the type with repeated designs. They are more along the lines of an Art Print. The Geometrics should suit your purposes.