Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Queen Elizabeth I: Paper Dolls To Color

Queen Elizabeth I is one of my favorite coloring books for the detailed costumes.  Bellerophon always has exquisite details to their pages.  This is a paper doll book, but on the same kind of paper as a regular coloring book.  I suspect if you were going to actually use it for paper dolls, you might have to reinforce the paper.  Some pages have faces, some don't.  There is no designated 'doll' to cut out for the costumes.  Each page has a little poem, or quote from Shakespeare or other somesuch about the queen.

It fun to use silver and gold gel pens to highlight the gowns and for jewelry.  It didn't come through on the scans well.  I'll put up five pictures from the book, one every other day.

Highly Recommended.

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