Sunday, February 19, 2012

Jessica Galbreth Fantasy Coloring Book

I got this book for Christmas, and just got around to coloring a pic in it last month.  I'm a big fan of markers, because I like bright stuff, but the pages are so thin in this book that colored pencils are about the only medium you might use and not have bleed-through.  They are so thin, in fact, that you can see the image from the other side of the page on the page you are working on..  You'll notice that slightly in the scan; the gray stuff in the background is the image from the other side.  While the drawings are gorgeous, the quality of the copying is terrible and some pages are so faint I wonder how they dared to issue this book with such low quality.  I see it's no longer listed at Amazon.  Pick this one up only if you are a fan of the artist.

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