Friday, July 8, 2016

Dover's new Coloring Book catalog

I just got the new Dover Coloring Book catalog and thought I'd post about a few books that caught my eye. You can view all the Dover coloring books at:


The title says it all. They really are intricate. Insanely so! Click on the title link to view 'look inside' at Amazon and see examples.


Illustrated by Marty Noble, my favorite coloring book artist! Her drawings are always neat, detailed, and drawn with the colorist in mind. The link takes you to Amazon where you can view some interior pages.

CITYSCAPES: A Coloring Book with a Hidden Picture Twist

Cityscapes from all over the world, and each picture contains hidden objects to find. Looks like fun! I like this 'look inside' version because the beginning of the book shows all the pages within. Great way to know what you're getting before you buy online.


Super gorgeous artwork in this one. While you'd expect skulls in a book featuring calaveras, the animals are very stylized, and mostly focus on the Day of the Dead kind of details without going toward what some might view as morbid, so this one won't freak out those who might not like skulls.  ;-)

MAGICAL MEHNDI: Striking Patterns on a Dramatic Black Background

Get out your neon colors and your brights for this one! The detailed artwork is set against a black background to really make your colors pop. Click the link for examples.


Dolphins, and other sea animals (whales, mermaids, etc) frolicking in the waves, or amidst more stylized paisleys and tattoo-like patterns. Fun stuff!

So which one catches your eye? All of them? ;-)

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Jessica Galbreth Fantasy Coloring Book

I got this book for Christmas, and just got around to coloring a pic in it last month.  I'm a big fan of markers, because I like bright stuff, but the pages are so thin in this book that colored pencils are about the only medium you might use and not have bleed-through.  They are so thin, in fact, that you can see the image from the other side of the page on the page you are working on..  You'll notice that slightly in the scan; the gray stuff in the background is the image from the other side.  While the drawings are gorgeous, the quality of the copying is terrible and some pages are so faint I wonder how they dared to issue this book with such low quality.  I see it's no longer listed at Amazon.  Pick this one up only if you are a fan of the artist.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Intricate fun!

My latest purchase arrived a few weeks ago, ORNAMENTAL ARTS FROM AROUND THE WORLD, and I just finished the first page.  I like this book a lot, because the patterns are intricate and the paper is thick, so very little bleed-through with the markers that I use, and the back of each page is blank as well.