Monday, March 23, 2009

Poster Masterpieces

I've been a little reluctant to check out any of the 'color your own' series, since most of the pictures are adapted from paintings, and depending on which artists does the adapting, they may or may not make for good coloring. This is another Marty Noble book, so it rocks. Color Your Own Poster Masterpieces features a lot of posters from the Art Nouveau time period. There are 30 posters to color.


ForestJane said...

Are you familiar with any of phee's work? Here's the link:

Wonderful, free coloring pix. The kids at my library adore them, and I do too!

Michele Hauf said...

Hey, I did check out that sight! It's very cool! I might have to feature them here. I tend to post a lot, then forget about it for months. My scanner is so fussy; it's a hassle to scan stuff. >But tomorrow! This SUnday, yep I should update.